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Commercial Tunnels
Commercial Tunnels

Commercial Tunnels

We boast an extensive range of commercial tunnels available in a variety of shapes and sizes and suitable for a multitude of situations. Each unit can be fully customised to incorporate your companies/clubs brand colours as well as logo integration within the exterior walls. 

Commercial Tunnels

Highly Versatile

Our range of commercial tunnels are constructed using aluminium components and covered with a PV fabric walling creating an enclosed space which span up to 15 meters versus a width of up to 15 meters. These can be utilised for a variety of applications as a permanent structure on rails or raised onto wheels for a fully mobile structure, creating shade, shelter or additional storage within its set location. 


We offer a broad range of coloured fabric finishes with the ability to switch to a bespoke RAL colour in keeping with your corporate or club branding. Each structure can be tailored to your exact size requirement, within the parameters set and either fixed into position on rails or supplied raised on wheels to enable movement and storage with ease. We offer logo integration which is ideal for brand awareness, club sponsorship or corporate branding depending in application. 

Commercial Tunnels
Commercial Tunnels

Variety Of Uses

  • Sports Tunnels 

  • Commercial Storage 

  • Vehicle Parking/Storage 

  • Boat Storage

  • Machinery Storage

  • Plant Storage

  • Workshops

  • Changing Areas

  • Walkways

  • Production Lines

  • Segregated Areas


  • Aluminium Frame

  • PVC Fabric Lining

  • Minimum Size 2m width x 3m length

  • Maximum Size 15m width x 15m length

  • 5 Standard Fabric Colour

  • Logo Integration

  • Available in x standard colour *or your bespoke RAL colour at an additional cost

  • Railed Structure, Wheeled Structure

To discuss your bespoke requirements, please speak to our team of product specialist on 0330 053 4080

Commercial Tunnels
Commercial Tunnels
Commercial Tunnels

Find out more

Our friendly team of project advisors are on hand to assist with your every needs. Enquire today to find out more...

Commercial Tunnels

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